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88 PRO

Loop Powered Indicator

  • The 88-Pro displays a wide range of process variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, weight, pH, humidity, etc. It accepts most process signals, such as 4-20mA and 1-5mA, and gives superb value for money.
  • The loop voltage drop is only 2.5V
  • The simple bezel will compliment your panel design. The lens protects all legends and markings, so repeated wipe-downs won't damage the lettering or display clarity. High contrast LCDs make these meters suitable for use in bright environments.
  • You can extend the maximum reading up to 19990 or 199900 with fixed zeros, selected by jumper switches. This is useful when the cost of a 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 digit meter may be too high.
  • There's also an INVERT facility, so an increasing input signal gives a reducing display, for example 4-20mA=100.0 to 0.0.
  • The case depth is less than that of our other process meters, saving you valuable space in the panel.



  • Broad scaling capability

  • 4-20mA, 10-50mA, or 1-5mA I/P

  • Very competitive pricing

  • Fast deliveries, normally in stock

  • Normal or inverted scaling

  • Simple and attractive facial design

  • Extra x10 and x100 digits

  • High quality plug-in terminals

  • Units-of-measure label fitted

  • Low loop drop 2.5V max


Connection Example The 88-Pro may be connected to a wide range of signal loops, without additional auxiliary or loop excitation power supplies, because the meter is self powered and drops only 2.5V in the loop.

The simple example shown could be used for measuring the contents of a straight sided liquid storage tank. The transmitter would be sited near the bottom of the tank, and as liquid level rises, so the pressure at the base would rise. The meter's broad scaling capabilities allow it to be adjusted to read in true volume.



The design of the connectors means that no extra depth is required for cable loops. The cable exits the bottom surface of the connector, not the rear.
Panel Cutout
45mm high, 92mm wide
Tolerances +1mm, -0mm

Bezel Size=48x96mm


Input Ranges:
Range Effective I/P Resistance
4-20mA 125 Ohms
10-50mA 50 Ohms
1-5mA 500 Ohms
All range selection jumpers may be accessed from the rear of the meter without needing to open the case.
Digital Height 12.7mm standard
Display Type High contrast LCD
Accuracy +/-0.1% of range
Calibration Method Zero + Span pots
Decimal Point Selection push-on jumpers
CMRR 65 dB DC-450Hz
Linear Ranges 3-21mA, 8-52mA, 0.8-6mA
Resolution 1 part in 2000 max.
Display Update Rate 3 readings/second
Technique dual slope integrator
Integration Period 100mS
Temperature Range -10 to +50 degrees C
Sealing Rating at Bezel IP54
Power Supply Choices:
None, unit requires no external supply other than its own input signal.
Ordering Guide:
Simply state model 88-Pro.
Specify input signal range and desired display range.
Specify units of measure (Kg, Bar, degrees C, etc).
(You may change calibration yourself via the zero and span pots)
Optional IP67 cover available, specify model SPC4.