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Model D 2000 D

Desktop Digital Pressure Gage

  • The D2000D Desktop Digital Pressure Gage is designed as a stand- alone pressure measuring system, with excellent performance characteristics.
  • The Display is all solid state with 5-Digit, red LED characters, 0.7 inches high, with polarity indication., housed in an aluminum enclosure.
  • The sensor is an all stainless steel machined, one piece body This approach eliminates any leaks .
  • The D2000D is offered standard with 95-265 vac 50/60 hZ  input power.
  • Pressure ranges of up to 15,000 psig are available.
  • Standard pressure port is 1/4" -18 NPT male.



  • Accuracy of the D 2000 D is 0.1% F.S.
  • Peak Hold feature is standard, operated by front panel pushbuttons.
  • D.C. power, 11-30 vdc, is optional, on special order.
  • 2 or 4 relays are optional on special order, using a plug-in board
  • RS 232 or RS485 digital output-optional.
  • Analog outputs of 4-20mA or 0-10 volts, are also available as plug in options.


  • The D2000D dimensions are: Length 21CM Long X 12.5CM wide X 9.6CM High
  • Aluminum enclosure.
  • Power cord, transducer connector, fuze & on-off switch are on the rear panel
  • Transducer has 24" of 4 conductor shielded cable with connector..