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Single Point Load Cell

  • Digital single point load cell
  • Aluminum construction, protection class IP65
  • Functions: Dosing by filling or by unloading, high spped transmitter
  • 2 digital inputs and 4 outputs
  • 1 RS485 output and 1 CAN output



  • Quick lan and accurate
    • Max. resolution 500,000 points
    • Digital filtering and measurement scaling
    • Transmission rate up to 1,200 measures/second
  •  Easy to integrate into automated systems
    • RS485 and CAN supporting MODBUS-RTU, SCMbus and CANOpen protocols
    • Digital inputs/outputs for direct control of process
  • Advanced functions to unload PLC
    • AAD load cell offers 2 functioning modes:
      • The first mode allows for high speed measurement transmission;
      • The second mode is dedicated to dosing by filling or unloading.
  • Easy implementation thanks to the free eNodView software provided.