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Who Is PTC?

PTC Electronics Inc is a privately owned, New Jersey corporation, which was incorporated in 1978 as Pneumatic Technology Company Inc. With the change to electronic pressure measurement, we changed the name to PTC Electronics Inc, in 1984.

At that time, the predominant products were digital pressure gages for test, production and calibration. In addition to the PTC products, other products in closely affiliated fields which we have taken on for representation in the NY Metro area are high-precision pressure calibrators from the Mensor Corporation and pressure sensors from AST.

In 1986, we became the North American agent for SCAIME SA, a high quality load cell and force transducer manufacturer located in Annemasse, France, close to Geneva, Switzerland. The SCAIME facilities are purpose built for load cell manufacture with state-of-the-art equipment, especially aimed at high volume production of high quality instruments.

SCAIME is the only manufacturer, world wide, who manufacturers instruments under surveillance of the provincial (state equivalent) weights and measures jurisdiction. Monthly evaluation of in-process manufacture is performed. Non-conformance means drastic penalties such as shut down of the line until corrective measures are implemented. SCAIME is ISO 9002 certified.

As an engineering company specializing in physical measurement, PTC Electronics, Inc. offers our customers technical support in both design and operational methodology. With over 100 years of cumulative experience in measurement technology, PTC Electronics, Inc. offers a wide range of solutions in industrial, aerospace, medical and special applications. For example, we have been providing multiple weighing solutions for medical or health care monitoring kiosks since 1994. Currently we combine precision load cells with a USB interface to be able to integrate into your existing electronics. In the transport industry, we developed the TiltSaver II warning system used by heavy equipment operators, especially those operating end-dump tractor trailers. Since less than a five degree shift to either side can cause a rollover during the unloading process, our system monitors in real time the position of the vehicle and provides precise measurements of any tilt to the operator.