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Model D 1200 Battery Powered Portable

Portable Digital Pressure Gage

  • Excellent linearity & Hysteresis - ±0.10%
  • Bipolar, 5 Digit, Hi-Brightness LED Display

  • Excellent long term stability

  • All solid state construction

  • Stainless steel, one piece pressure sensor, no welds

  • Peak Hold standard 


PTC's Digital Pressure Gauges provide, in one package, all the electronics necessary to energize the pressure sensor and display the output via its own 5 digit High Brightness LED readout.

The instruments utilize a proven, precision pressure sensor which has excellent linearity, repeatability and negligible hysteresis.

All operational controls are accessible from front panel pushbuttons. The units feature a "Direct-No-Menu" method of set-up. A lockout switch is located internally to preserve calibration data.

Full scale pressure ranges from 5 psi to 15,000 psi can be supplied.

The D1200 is powered by an Integral NiCad rechargeable battery pack which provides 24 hours continual use. A modular charger for 110/220 VAC is provided. It is housed in an aluminum carrying case.